Meet our team leadership and providers

At Lifespan we pride ourselves on our dedicated staff and leadership, both of which are here to serve you and the community with top tier health care and service.

Our Valuable Team

Serving Your Area With Quality Healthcare Solutions
Dr. Gregory C. Mitchell MD
Dr. Gregory C. Mitchell MDFamily Practice at Women and Children's Center
Dr. Gilbert Thayer, MD
Dr. Gilbert Thayer, MDOB/GYN at Women and Children's Center
Dr. Ionela Halke, MD
Dr. Ionela Halke, MDFamily Practice at Florence Rd. Location
Dr. Adesuwa Igbinedion, MD
Dr. Adesuwa Igbinedion, MDPediatrician at Kids Clinic
Dr. Donald Halke III, DO
Dr. Donald Halke III, DOFamily Practice at Florence Rd. Location
Dr. Glenn Halke, DO
Dr. Glenn Halke, DOPediatrician at Adamsville Location
Dr. Michael Smith, MD
Dr. Michael Smith, MD Family Practice at Wayne Road Location
Dr. Lyndsay Smith, MD
Dr. Lyndsay Smith, MDBoard Certified Pediatrician
Malory Berry, PMHNP
Malory Berry, PMHNPPsychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. Florence Rd. Location
Delca Sue Rickman, LCSW
Delca Sue Rickman, LCSWBehavioral Health at Florence Rd. Location
Jeanie Warren, LCSW
Jeanie Warren, LCSWBehavioral Health at Adamsville Location
Valerie Barber, PA-C
Valerie Barber, PA-CPhysician Assistant at Adamsville Location
Eric Hart, PA-C
Eric Hart, PA-CPhysician Assistant at Florence Rd. Location
Christina Free, PA-C
Christina Free, PA-CPhysician Assistant at Clifton
Darin McLain, PA-C
Darin McLain, PA-C Physician Assistant / VA provider at Florence Rd. Location
Angela Nixon, NP
Angela Nixon, NPPsychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner at Adamsville Location
Mandy Russell, NP
Mandy Russell, NPNurse Practitioner at Adamsville Location
Amie Roland, NP
Amie Roland, NPFamily Practice at Adamsville Location
Ashley Shaw, NP
Ashley Shaw, NPNurse Practitioner at Florence Rd. Location
Nicole Wilson, DNP, FNP-BC
Nicole Wilson, DNP, FNP-BCFamily Practice at Wayne Rd. Location
Teresa Dailey, NP
Teresa Dailey, NPAdult Gerontology at Florence Road Location
Abby Smith. Pediatric NP
Abby Smith. Pediatric NPPediatric Nurse Practitioner
Blake Wilson, LPC
Blake Wilson, LPCKids Clinic at Savannah, TN
Tyler Stanfield, PA-C
Tyler Stanfield, PA-C Physician Assistant at Selmer Location
Will Shaw, APN
Will Shaw, APNFlorence Road Location
Mike Roper, LCSW
Mike Roper, LCSWFlorence Road Location