Lifespan offers a variety of women’s health services, but it’s OBGYN services are unmatched in the region.  Our doctors have decades of experience and success for women in all stages of pregnancy from the very first appointment to validate your pregnancy all the way through delivery as well as mommy care thereafter.  Our gynecologists specialize in the female reproductive system including treatment and diagnosis of all pregnancy-related symptoms.

Our OBGYN doctors and medical professionals provide prenatal care, Pap test screening, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, preventative care and much more.  We also specialize in extensive areas including pre-cancer evaluation, health maintenance during pregnancy, preventative health, urinary tract disorder treatment, endocrinology and more.

We want to make your first appointment with our OBGYN’s as easy and comforting as possible.  At Lifespan, we understand the sensitive issues that come with choosing the appropriate provider for your health.  While it is natural to feel nervous or even embarrassed, we want to ensure you that your short-term and long-term health is our top priority.  During your visit, we want you to feel comfortable in being able to discuss the most sensitive subjects that you may be encountering including intimate-related problems.  We would much rather you confide in our providers who have vast knowledge and insight into women’s health rather than turning to the internet or an uneducated source for advice.

Working with an OBGYN you can trust can provide great security and peace.  Our OBGYNs are very respectful and diligent during your visits.  Our male providers ensure that a female assistant is always in the room during examinations, and we always welcome you to bring a relative or trusted friend with you to your appointment for comfort.

OBGYN Checkups

Having regularly scheduled appointments with our OBGYN professionals is the first great step in helping you keep your reproductive system working smoothly and can even save your life if we are able to identify potential problems in its earliest stages.

Scheduling your annual women’s exam to get your PAP smear completed is essential.  This quick procedure allows us to collect cells from your cervix to be tested and analyzed for cervical cancer.  If caught in time, cervical cancer can be treated successfully.  Females should begin seeing an OBGYN in their early teenage years.  The American Congress of Obstetricians Gynecologists suggests that females between the ages of 13 and 15 should begin their annual visits to their local OBGYN.  First visits for teenagers do not always require a full examination unless there are indications of an underlying problem.

For all women, we recommend that you avoid douching or engaging in sexual activity for 24 hours prior to your visit as it could lead to the vaginal tissues becoming irritated.  The latter could skew your PAP test results, making them less accurate.  Generally, our OB/GYN specialists start with a general check-up which includes a nurse taking your weight and blood pressure.  Depending on your situation, urine and blood tests are likely.  A nurse will then invite you to a secure room where you will be asked to remove your garments in exchange for a robe in preparation of your physical exam.

While at least one female is present, a physical examination and general Q&A will be taken with your doctor.  During the pelvic exam, your doctor will check the external portion of your vagina to check for any medical concerns.  The doctor will also check your reproductive system from the inside using a speculum which keeps your vagina open for a clear view of your cervix and vagina.  While there may be some pressure, your doctor will coach you through the process to keep your discomfort limited.  The OBGYN will also exam your uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes and ovaries.  Our OB/GYN specialists will also carry out a clinical breast exam during your appointment to ensure there are no suspicious lumps.

While these examinations might seem terribly invasive, remember there is no need to be embarrassed.  This is normal gynecological examination procedures that will help you maintain your health and wellness.