340b Program

Ensuring You Are Insured

Lifespan Health’s 340B Program means we receive discount pricing on certain outpatient drugs for our those in need. These drugs are purchased by Lifespan Health exclusively for our patients if they are uninsured or under-insured, and we offer them at a more affordable rate. This savings goes beyond just helping our patients, as it can also be used to expand our own services like hiring more doctors, health providers, etc. It can even help us diversify our services to extend into things like community education, pediatric care, and much more. This helps Lifespan Health take care of our patients and start beneficial programs such as hardship programs. It also benefits patients who do not qualify for the slide program, are uninsured, or have experienced a catastrophic event. These savings are used to help all our patients in times of need.

When you use Lifespan you’re helping your community

Patients who have prescription coverage help Lifespan receive funds that:

  1. Help those without prescription coverage be able to purchase their medicine at a deeply discounted rate.
  2. Give Lifespan the ability to offer programs to help individuals in the community receive the medical services they need and add or expand other services to the community.
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