diabetes care

Prevention & Regulation

Whether you are a confirmed diabetic, or you feel that you may be experiencing symptoms, our medical staff is here to assist you. With so much misinformation regarding the proper treatment of diabetes, it is vital that you seek proper medical attention and guidance. We strongly believe that with proper care, you can live a long and happy life just as non-diabetics enjoy. Our clinicians will provide you with a personal plan of action to not only maintain your health, but to get you feeling better in addition to the most up-to-date prescription regimens.

Tests & Diagnosis

After the age of 45, physicians typically recommend being screened for diabetes every three years or so. In some cases, our physicians may recommend testing even earlier if they believe you may be at greater risk of developing diabetic related symptoms. Common symptoms may include the following:

Test Blood Glucose For Diabetes in Pregnant Woman With Glucometer

There are a few tests that will likely be performed to determine whether you are a diabetic or not. The glycated hemoglobin (A1C) test is the most accurate in determining your average level of blood sugar over the previous 90 days. It is one of the most widely used tests and offers a comprehensive view of your blood sugar levels. Depending on the results, our medical staff may confirm results with other tests as well. Other options for further testing include a fasting blood sugar test and oral glucose tests.

Upon testing, our clinical providers will read the results and inform you of proper treatment when necessary. If you suspect that you have type 1 diabetes, your urine can be tested to discover whether ketones are present. Ketones are a byproduct of muscle and fat being used as fuel, as a result of there being inefficient insulin present in the body. A test may be conducted to find out if any autoantibodies are present in your system, which are cells of the immune system that attack your body.

Conquer Diabetes Today

Lifespan leads the charge against diabetic symptoms and is here to help you manage your conditions with our team of medical professionals.

Diabetes Care and Education

Effective education about diabetes is essential to managing your condition successfully. Upon your first visit, our clinical professionals will equip you with plenty of resources to educate yourself on the proper nutrition, the causes of diabetes, and why it is critical to take this challenge with seriousness. This information is essential to your success long-term.

While our medical staff will give specific guidelines on your diet, there is no specific diet that works perfectly for everyone. Therefore, you will be heavily encouraged to chart your daily eating habits while testing your glucose levels in a proper time frame in order to identify a unique diet for your body. We typically begin with a baseline diabetic diet and work from there.

Listening and abiding by these guidelines are essential. We will provide you with all the guidance necessary for you to manage your condition so that you may live a productive and healthy life. Our clinical providers have a strong passion to not only help you manage your condition, but to help you conquer these challenges as naturally as possible. It is ultimately up to you to follow through on this journey, but our specialists will provide you with the roadmap to success.

Case Management for Chronic Conditions

Lifespan offers a case management program to patients dealing with chronic conditions such as diabetes. The program offers you a case manager who is a member of your care team, working closely with your provider and nurse. They provide education, support, and nutritional guidance, whether you are a newly diagnosed diabetic or have had the condition for many years. Treatment for diabetes changes as your needs change. For example, we may prescribe insulin for the first couple of months to get your blood sugar levels to reasonable levels, but then have the option of cutting back or removing insulin dependency completely upon testing.

Our medical providers will be by your side every step of the way, providing medical treatment and services as well as guidance and advice you need to manage your condition effectively.

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