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Our Mission

We are strongly committed to making an impact in our region by providing the highest quality and most affordable healthcare while also improving the health, lifestyle, and well-being of the wonderful communities we serve.

Our Goal

Lifespan is committed to being involved in the communities we serve. We support activities that lead to a healthy community and align with our mission as a community health center.


As a non-profit medical center, we have a strong commitment to affordability and will not refuse service to anyone based on ability to pay. We are funded by the federal government to provide services to patients who otherwise would not be able to afford quality care. Our cost of services is based upon the patient’s household income.


We continue to expand and employ more providers in multiple locations due to the increasing number of people who choose Lifespan as their healthcare provider. When you choose us, you are making a difference in the community.


Our federal funding status has created more supervision and guidelines for our doctors and medical professionals as they undergo a routine review process with Lifespan to ensure they are serving you to their maximum ability.


We pride ourselves on the atmosphere we provide for our patients, and it starts with a genuine, caring staff. We strive to make every visit to our facility a welcoming one and we strive to answer any questions you have.

lifespan women and children's savannah tn
lifespan kids savannah tn