Ashley Shaw, FNP-C

"Being a nurse is about more than medicine. You always hear that, but I never really understood what it meant until I started working at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital. Patients – and especially their families – see nurses as the connection between them and cold, confusing world of diagnostic test, medications, and terminology that is equal hard to pronounce and understand. Taking the time to build relationships and establish trust with patients is vital. I’ve continued to be that connection for my patients."

Why Lifespan Health?
"Lifespan Health plays a vital role in our community. Poverty, chronic illness, limited access to healthcare, alcohol and drug addiction, these affecting rural areas across the country. We’re uniquely positioned to make a real impact on the communities we serve. Our ability to offer the best care to everyone, regardless of income, improves lives. Improving lives, improves society. That’s the goal of what we’re trying to do: improve the health and welfare of our communities."


Family Medicine


Frontier Nursing University, Jackson State Community College

Personal Info

I’m married to Will Shaw, who is also a nurse practitioner at Lifespan Health. We have two daughters, Lorelei and Heidi. I love taking the girls on trips. Our trip Disney World has been their favorite. I also love camping with my family and friends.

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