Counseling & Behavioral services

For Children and Adults

As a community health center, Lifespan is here to assist in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of vulnerable children and adults. Through our behavioral and medical providers, we provide an extensive range of services to assist families in a variety of situations.

Child Social Counseling Services

Lifespan is staffed with highly experienced social workers who can help children with a wide range of issues including behavioral problems, social challenges, and more. Through careful counseling and advice to the child and their guardians, our social workers can help children work through all sorts of issues and challenges. Additionally, our social workers are here to assist your child with self-esteem development, helping them grow their confidence and teaching social skills. If your child refuses to work through social challenges independently, we can help.

Social Services for All Ages

We provide social counseling services for both children and adults of all ages.

Adult Social Counseling Services

The goal of our adult social counseling services is to help anyone who is not fully able to care for themselves but currently live independently. We provide services to adults of all ages who suffer from disability or illnesses that make it difficult or even impossible to perform day-to-day tasks. Lifespan can accomplish this through referrals to appropriate agencies or service providers to assist with identified needs.

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