Delca (Sue) Rickman, LCSW

"I chose to become a clinical social worker due to my interest in psychology and desire to help people. It is an opportunity to blend helping people with their basic needs, as well as their mental health needs."

Why Lifespan Health?
"I liked the idea of providing mental health services in a community health setting. I think it gives the patients more opportunity to receive mental health services at a location they are familiar with, and they already have a trusting relationship with the staff. Lifespan has a reputation for providing quality care and being a part of its professional family is rewarding."


Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Graduate School: University of Tennessee Undergrad: University of North Alabama

Personal Info

I enjoy spending time with my family, taking care of my fur babies, and traveling. I enjoy quite time spent reading, doing various art projects, and planning my next adventure.

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